F120R-E F120R-E F120R-E

F120R-E (115v)
Powerful 3-Speed Fan Ionizer, Ultra-Slim/Compact, Adjustable Front Louver for "Wide / Straight" Coverage

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Key Features:

  • Piezoelectric high-frequency AC-type corona discharge
  • Accurate ion balance (within ± 10V)
  • Fast decay time (within 1.5 sec)
  • Quick and long-lasting static erasing
  • Adjustable cover for "wide" or "straight" coverage
  • Mountable swivel bracket for various blowing directions
  • Powerful 3-speed fan (high-medium-low)
  • Ultra-slim, compact, and lightweight design
  • Built-in LED operating status indicators
  • High-voltage and fan-lock alarms
  • Safe 24VDC low voltage circuit
  • External signal outputs
  • Very easy maintenance

This powerful fan-type ionizer helps prevent dust adhesion caused by static electricity on plastic or electronic part surfaces during the manufacturing, assembly, or inspection process.

It’s equipped with a compact-size A/C piezoelectric high frequency transformer along with a patented capacitive-coupled electrode needle which generates an abundance of ions and neutralizes charged products quickly for a long-lasting ionizing performance.

Its innovative front cover can be adjusted for a “straight” or “wide” airflow direction and the powerful three-speed fan helps blow ionized air to remote locations.

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No image set F120R-E (115v)Powerful 3-Speed Fan Ionizer, Ultra-Slim/Compact, Adjustable Front Louver
No image set F-12FSFilter Set (Cover with Filter)
No image set F-120RCH Front Cover with Electrode Needle Unit
No image set AD24-IT115V Power Supply (DC24V/0.75A)

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