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F-6RCL-E (115V)
Mini Fan-Type Ionizer with Mount Clip and LED Light

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 Key Features:

  • Piezoelectric high-frequency AC-type corona discharge
  • Accurate ion balance (within ± 10V)
  • Quick decay time (within 3.0 seconds)
  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Convenient mounting clip for easy installation
  • Adjustable two-step fan speed
  • High-voltage and fan-lock LED alarms
  • Front cover safety device (circuit cuts off when open)
  • Safe 24VDC Low Voltage Circuit

This mini fan-type static eraser helps prevent dust adhesion which is caused by static electricity. It’s outfitted with a mounting clip which makes it easy to install on cell-production stands or anywhere on a workbench. It’s equipped with a bright interior LED light which informs the worker of its operating status (White = working properly, Red = abnormal) and allows you to visually inspect the electrode needle for dirt or dust contamination. 

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No image set SDJ-08FFilter
No image set F-6HElectrode Needle Unit (with Cover)
No image set AD24-ITF6115V Power Supply (DC24V/0.75A)

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