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Powerful Nozzle Type Ionizing Air Gun with LED Light-beam and Ergonomic Handle

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Powerful Nozzle Type Ionizing Air Gun with LED Light-beam and Ergonomic Handle


  • Outstanding Performance: +/-10V Ion Balance
  • Bright LED Light-beam for Dust Detection
  • Built-in Operating Status LED Indicators
  • High Voltage Warning Alarm
  • Compact and Ultra Lightweight
  • Optional Nozzles for Various Applications
  • Safe Design: 24VDC Low Voltage Circuit
  • Very Easy Maintenance

VESSEL’s innovative ion gun is the first of its kind in the Industry to have a built-in LED light for visual confirmation of dust detection. Also, this durable and reliable unit has a very accurate ion balance of ±10V, a powerful airflow for effective cleaning (up to 87psi) , and a quick decay time less than 0.5 seconds (at a distance of 6” using 43.5psi). Overall, it’s to be used to blow off dirt or dust that adheres to part surfaces caused by static electricity or to be used as a preventative measure against dust accumulation.

This easy to use ion gun is outfitted with a compact and lightweight body (only 0.44 lbs) and its ergonomically designed grip is easy to hold and is adjusted to the optimum angle which helps alleviate any burden on the operator’s wrist while pointing to the targeted work area for dust removal.

For enhanced safety, it operates on a 24VDC low voltage circuit and the piezoelectric high frequency AC corona discharge transformer is located inside the handle. Since a high-voltage external power supply cable is not needed, there’s no need to worry about current leaks or electric shock caused by wire breakage. This compact setup saves valuable workspace and allows operators to move locations easily.

Moreover, both sides of the handle grip has an operating LED (green) and a high-voltage malfunction LED (red), which allows the operator to check on the gun’s operating status at any time.  Also, it has very easy maintenance due to the user-friendly design so the electrode needles (G-7H) can be changed out quickly by using the optional (G-7DR) electrode needle removal tool.  If needed, the G7R-L can be integrated with a robot by purchasing the optional robotic cable transformer (AD24-ITC-E) and is capable of achieving up to 150,000 cycles and other optional attachments are available for better work efficiency (brushes, nozzle types, shower tube, etc.).

Select an Option
 NameDESCRIPTIONPrice: Quantity
g7_smG7R-E (115V)Nozzle Type Ion Gun w/LED Light (115V)
g7kit_smG7R-E (115V)-KITNozzle Type Ion Gun w/LED Light, Complete KIT, (115V)
g7_sm3G7R-E (220V)Nozzle Type Ion Gun w/LED Light (220V)
g7kit_sm9G7R-E (220V)-KITNozzle Type Ion Gun w/LED Light, Complete KIT, (220V)
g7sn_smG-7SNStandard Nozzle
n2fn_smN-2FNFlared Nozzle
g7tn_smN-2TNTube Adapter Nozzle
n2wn_smN-2WNSilent Nozzle
g7b_smG-7BBrush with 2.37in (60mm) Bristles
g7sb_smG-7SBSoft Brush with 2.37in (60mm) Bristles
g7h_smG-NHElectrode Needle
g7dr_smG-7DRElectrode Tool
g7f_smG-7FMicro Inline Filter
g7sc_smG-7SCSpeed Controller
g7ec_smG-7EC5Relay Cable 16.4ft (5m)
g7ec_sm7G-7EC10Relay Cable 32.8ft (10m)
ad24itce_smAD24-ITC-EPower Adapter

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