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Innovative Air-Powered Ion Gun (No More Power Cable!), Very Low Maintenance

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Key Features:

  • NEW INNOVATION! No More Power Cable!
  • Simply runs on compressed air only
  • Revolutionary air motor powers unit (generator design)
  • Coiled transformer AC-type corona discharge
  • Visible LED operating status & high voltage alarm
  • Quick decay time (less than 1.0 second)
  • Accurate ion balance (within ± 30V)
  • Rugged housing for durability
  • Built-in bail hook for hanging
  • Very low maintenance design

VESSEL’s new revolutionary G-9 air-powered ion gun does not require a power cable or external power supply. It simply operates by compressed air only due to its innovative air motor cartridge (which is replaceable). Its powerful airflow quickly eliminates static electricity and helps remove contaminants off part surfaces (such as before a painting/coating process of large plastic parts or before a part enters a cleanroom). It saves valuable workspace, requires very little maintenance, and allows operators to move freely with no cable restrictions.

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 NameDESCRIPTIONPrice: Quantity
g99G9-EAir-Powered Ion Gun
a16952A-16952Air Regulator Kit: Gauge, Mount Bracket, 7-ft Air Hose (8mm), Fittings
g7f3G-7FMicro Air Filter (0.01 µm) for G9-E Ion Gun
g7sc9G-7SCSpeed Controller for G9-E Ion Gun
g7h2GN-HTungsten Electrode Needle for G9-E Ion Gun
g7dr7G-7DRElectrode Needle Removal Tool for G9-E Ion Gun
n2wn2G-9WN"Silent" Wide Nozzle for G9-E Ion Gun
bbzsn6BB-ZSN"Silent" Round Nozzle for G9-E Ion Gun
g9snG-9SNStandard Nozzle for G9-E Ion Gun