High-Power Non-Air Assist Ion Bar, Slim and Compact - Only 0.65”Wx0.88”H

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Key Features:

  • AC-type corona discharge method
  • Super slim design for installation in cramped spaces
  • Suitable for high speed applications
  • Wide variety of lengths available (11.8” up to 70.9”)
  • Fast decay time (within 2 seconds at 3.94”)
  • Low-wear titanium electrode needle for long stable performance
  • Flexible and durable silicone shielded high voltage cable
  • Adjustable ion balance, anomaly detection, automatic stop, and alarm output can be set with the high-voltage power supply model #GP-1
  • Multiple bars can be connected together using optional branch box
  • Air assist bar is available as a custom-order item

The HPB-Series is a non-air assisted ion bar which quickly removes static electricity in close ranges and is suitable for highly charged or fast moving products. This model is ideal for mounting in narrow areas such as inside machinery due to its compact sectional dimensions (only 0.65”Wx0.88”H).

These non-air assisted ion bars are intended to be used to address various production problems caused by electrostatic charges such as: bag-making, film packaging, molding, robotic conveyance and pick-up, food containers, stacking errors, and so much more.

The HPB-Series high power ionizer bars must be used with power supply model #GP-1and AC adapter model #AD24-GP which are sold separately.

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 NameDESCRIPTIONPrice: Quantity
No image set HPB-30011.8" High-Power Non-Air Assist Slim Ion Bar, 17 Needles
No image set HPB-60023.6" High-Power Non-Air Assist Slim Ion Bar, 37 Needles
No image set HPB-81031.9" High-Power Non-Air Assist Slim Ion Bar, 51 Needles
No image set HPB-100539.6" High-Power Non-Air Assist Slim Ion Bar, 64 Needles
No image set HPB-120047.2" High-Power Non-Air Assist Slim Ion Bar, 77 Needles
No image set HPB-150059.1" High-Power Non-Air Assist Slim Ion Bar, 97 Needles
No image set HPB-180070.9" High-Power Non-Air Assist Slim Ion Bar, 117 Needles
No image set GP-1High-Voltage 4kV Power Supply Unit with 2-Power Outputs
No image set AD24-GPAC Adapter for GP-1 High Voltage Power Supply Unit
No image set SH-SP2Branch Box for Connecting up to 3 Ion Bars

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