SDJ-14 (110V)

SDJ-14 (110V)
Wide Area Bench Mount Ionizer

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Wide Area Bench Mount Ionizer



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Wide-Fan Type
Ionizing widened to 23.6" x 47.2" (600mm x 1200mm)

The SDJ-14 Stat-Buster was designed taking into consideration the large volume of air blown by the cross-flow fan and the ion flow, resulting in a wide electricity removal area of 23.63" x 47.24" (600mm x 1200mm). High-voltage DC corona discharge provides the SDJ-14 with it's powerful static removal capability. The needle electrode employs a multiple needle construction of 8 positive and 8 negative needles each that makes it difficult to collapse the ion balance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Power supply over-current prevention and needle electrode discharge (electrode discharge) for two-stage safety construction
  • LED indicators provide visual warning that unit is operating at an abnormal high voltage
  • SOLID GREEN: Normal Operation
  • BLINKING RED: Warning - Abnormal High Voltage
  • Each of the 8 positive and 8 negative easily removable discharge needles release positive and begative ion output, providing powerful static elimination of the charged items
  • Large cross-flow fan helps to quickly and efficiently eliminate static
  • Front panel provides easy access to power switch and fan speed adjustments (off / low / mild / strong)
  • Ionizing direction is easily adjusted by tilting the base of the SDJ-14 and tightening the side screw
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