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eye02 newSuper Static Field Meter Scale

VESSEL’s EYE-02 is a palm-sized electrostatic measuring device ideal for measuring polarity and intensity of static charge on parts and assembly lines. It's also very useful for checking ion balance performance of various ionizers.

  • Easily establish measurement distance with cross mark LED
  • Color LCD clearly shows the polarity
  • Can be mounted on a tripod
  • Battery icon indicates when to replace the battery (one 9V)

Lightweight and compact

It is a static instrument of non-contact type of "pocket-sized, lightweight, handy" capable of performing the charge of static electricity potential measurement and ion balance measurement of (ionizer) static elimination equipment. Convenient soft case is included to carry and store.

One-touch mode switching
The EYE-02 has multiple functions equipped with a microcomputer. You can switch modes by simple operation by the touch button in four colors.

Easy-to-read display screen
Recognition of the numerical value has been improved by the adoption of the large-sized LCD. Verifying the numerical value in the dark in illumination by white LED is easy. It can be fixed temporarily numerical display when you switch to HOLD mode, measurements in the posture display confirmation is difficult is easy. You can display the maximum value (peak value) When you switch to MAX mode.

Buzzer sounds to inform the state
Alarm sounds in the over-range measurement potential and power-on operation is too high, I'll let you know the status.

Cross mark by the red LED
Can be measured when the charging potential of up to ± 22KV (22,000 V) at a distance of · 25mm.
And position that appears to clear most (ten) cross mark by the red LED is an aim of the correct distance.

Ion balance measurement function
Potential of up to ± 220V can be measured by attaching the ion balance plates and accessories, when you switch to the ion balance mode, it is convenient for maintenance of (ionizer) static elimination equipment of wide variety.

eye02 apliEasy-to-read Wide LCD screen display

  • Upper left graph display – indicates negative polarity
  • Upper right graph display – indicates positive polarity
  • Lower section display – shows numerical values, voltage measurement unit, and functions in use.
  • Battery icon indicates when to replace the battery


“CE” Marking & RoHS Compliant
Compatible with RoHS environmental countermeasures and carries the CE marking.


EYE-02 Red cross-mark

Red Cross-mark

Clear guide to obtain the optimal measurement distance (1" / 25mm). 

EYE-02 Easy to read display

Wide Display

The measured potential is displayed with a bar graph and values for quick confirmation.


Over-range Alarm

Beyond the measurable voltage, the display flashes and a buzzer sounds to prevent faults.

EYE-02 Battery Level Display

Battery Level

The battery level is clearly displayed with a 4-stage indicator.. 

EYE-02 Zero Adjust

Zero-adjustment Button

If the EYE-02 does not stabilize at 0V, it can be forcibly set to zero. 

EYE-02 Peak Level Hold

Maximum (Peak) Value Display

This function is usefule for measuring the charge of workpieces travelling at a high speed,where the value changes rapidly, and for continuous measurement in which changes are monitored over time. 

EYE-02 Auto Off

Automatic Power OFF / Continuous Measurement

The power turns OFF after 5 minutes to save the battery. This function can be disabled during "continuous" measurements. 

EYE-02 Backlight

LCD backlight

Illuminate the display to see clearly even in darkness. Hold down the power button to switch the modes (EL / A.ON)

EYE-02 Mounted on a tripod

Tripod Mount

The rear panel of the EYE-02 features screw threads allowing secure mounting to a tripod, enabling the operator to measure an ionizer's performance in a stable environment.


Static Voltage
Measuring Range
± 0 ~ ± 1.50 kV (Low range)
± 1.0 ~ ± 20.0 kV (High range)
Ion Balance Voltage
Measuring Range
0 ~ ± 200v
Measuring Distance 0.98" ± 0.02" (25mm ± 0.5mm)
(between charged object and field meter)
Accuracy ± 10% (LCD display refreshes 5 times/second)
Ambient Conditions  50ºF ~ 104ºF (10ºC ~ 40ºC), 60% RH or lower
Display Large LCD display (Digital and bar graph)
Response Time Within 1 second
Weight w/Battery Approx. 170g / Ion balance plate 0.07 lbs. (30g)
Accessories Charge plate for ion balance measurement
Ground cord (w/alligator clip), Battery (006P), soft case
Dimensions 123mm L x 70mm W x 25m D

The EYE-01 includes a calibration certificate

Flyer & Manual

Flyer User's Manual

EYE-02 Static Locator
Eye-02 Manual

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