GT-P60XW (9.5mm)

VESSEL Oil-Xtra Pistol Type Air Impact Wrench, 3/8" Square Drive Pin-Lock Type, 7500 RPMM

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VESSEL Oil-Xtra Pistol Type Air Impact Wrench, 3/8" Square Drive Pin-Lock Type, 7500 RPMM


Silent Impact
Reduced noise at installation sites!


  • Pistol Impact Type / Trigger Start
  • 360-degree free-turn silencer / Rear exhaust
  • Exhaust bypass reduces noise and high-pitched sound
  • Ergonomic slim handle design makes it easy to hold for long period of time

The “Oil Xtra” air impact screwdrivers and wrenches are lightweight, smooth, and easy to use. Ideal for automotive assembly or installation of interior parts, the assembly of appliances, recycling factories, and general fastening applications.

The impact mechanism of the "Oil Xtra" series is filled with a unique circulating oil lubricating system which provides low vibration, low noise, and prevents scorching of the rotating mechanism for much greater durability. The oil helps prevent part damage due to friction. Also, the oil lubrication mechanism’s braking effect quickly stops unnecessary inertial rotation when the trigger is released so it’s ideal for repetitive fastening required at recycling factories, etc.

The powerful air motor is finished with high precision air rotors to secure a smooth rotation. High power output is guaranteed by minimizing the power loss from clearance between parts. Also equipped with a slim and easy to hold ergonomic handle, a 360 degree free-turn silencer, and is CE approved.
Air Tool, Air Coupling, 2 Lubrication Oils, Fastening Bit, User’s Manual


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