Plastic and Rubber Head Gel-Grip Hammer

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Retail price $29.99

VESSEL’s 77-10 plastic and rubber head hammer is equipped with an innovative gel-grip handle that alleviates the impact on the palm when hammering and reduces wrist fatigue. The hammer is well balanced for stability and the 1.0” diameter heads can quickly and easily be replaced.

Using composite technology, metallic parts have been inserted in the head and shaft to reinforce the portions of the hammer that receive the shock of the blows.

This plastic and rubber head gel-grip hammer is suitable for heavy duty work such as manufacturing of metalwork products, automobile maintenance and servicing, gas fitting, ironwork, interior finishing, tile work, block laying, to light work such as furniture assembly, carpentry, hobbies, and carpet laying.

Replacement Plastic and Rubber Head Set: Model# 076110


EDP # Model
Hammer Length Hammer Head Weight
(mm) (in) Dia
(g) (lbs)
142091 77-10 315 12.4 32 1.26 120 4.72 430 0.95