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Zirconia Ceramic Tip Screwdriver / Adjuster (2-IN-1 Tool), Sizes: -0.9mm, -1.8mm

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Zirconia Ceramic Tip Screwdriver / Adjuster (2-IN-1 Tool), Sizes: -0.9mm, -1.8mm


Special Pricing for online orders only.

VESSEL’s 9002 ceramic alignment screwdriver is outfitted with a tuning handle and two interchangeable Zirconia ceramic tips that are durable, anti-static, non-magnetic, non-inductive, heat resistant up to 1292° F (700° C), and are resistant to solder adhesion and acid (except for hydro-fluoric).

Tip Model# CT-09 (-0.9mm)
Tip Model# CT-18 (-1.8mm)

VESSEL’s ceramic alignment tools are designed for the precision adjustment of variable capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components. These can be used with audio tuners, amplifiers, TV, VCR, DVD players, video and camera equipment, radio, wireless communications equipment, and computers.

Cross-point tips are available for when working with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and/or JCIS (Japanese Camera Industrial Standards) screws.

* Note: Color of adapter subject to change without notice.

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