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Crystaline Screwdriver Set (14pcs)

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Crystaline Screwdriver Set (14pcs)

Vessel Sepadora Screwdrivers

Cellulose acetate resin is an outstanding material that is resistant to oil, chemicals, and shock. 
As the word cellulose implies, the grip is made from wood pulp and cotton and it is once again in the spotlight.  
This resin grip is ecologically friendly with a low environment load, and does not upset the CO2 balance when burned. 
Balanced Handle Design
A plastic screwdriver series that enables efficient screw tightening
without problems of over-tightening due to excessive torque. A full lineup of shank sizes for those narrow, deeply recessed problem areas, with grip sizes to handle any screw diameter.
Our long selling, basic screwdriver 
These screwdrivers were first produced in 1974. The current design has incorporated improvements for ease of use. When people think of screwdrivers, they picture our CRYSTALINE series. 
Outstanding Durability
Fully hardened chrome vanadium steel shank. Features high hardness and durability. Magnetized tip

Set Includes:

 6100 Series Thin Shank

6200 Series Stubby  6300 Series Standard  6900 Series Precision



Storage Case Included

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