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930 Series
Tang-Thru / Demolition Standard Screwdrivers

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Tang-Thru / Demolition Standard Screwdrivers


930 Series Tang-Thru Screwdrivers

The MEGADORA models are equipped with the most advanced triple-molded handle for comfort. The corners of the hexagonal cross-section are molded with elastomer for a soft fit and high torque transmission.

The tang-thru (or demolition type) handle features a shank that goes through the handle and connects to a large metal end cap. This allows the operator to strike the handle with a hammer without damaging the screwdriver handle, making them excellent go through screwdrivers, demolition screwdrivers, and striking screwdrivers.

Other features include a fully hardened chrome vanadium steel shank, magnetized high-precision black point tips, and a bolster so that it can be turned with a wrench for additional torque while tightening or loosening.

These durable screwdrivers are designed for professional use such as automotive repair and maintenance, electrical work (e.g. to remove “knock-outs” in electrical panels), construction, industrial work, and general fastening applications. 

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