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Cushion-Grip Heavy Duty Impact Driver Set, 5/16" (8mm) Drive

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Retail price $102.99

The 240001 heavy duty impact driver has a 5/16” (8mm) drive and is very effective for tight fastening and loosening of rusted, damaged, or stripped screws.  It features a solid body that is outfitted with a rubber cushion grip to help reduce fatigue from repetitive striking, a large and robust metal end-cap for striking with a hammer, and the unit has a one-touch reverse switching mechanism for easy operation.

This rugged and reliable impact driver comes with a set of 5/16” (8mm) diameter shank bits that are specially hardened for optimum durability.  Also, by removing the bit adapter, a 1/2” (12.7mm) socket can be attached.

240001 Bit SetBit sizes include:
+2 x 36mm
+2 x 80mm
+3 x 36mm
+3 x 80mm
+4 x 36mm
-10 x 36mm


This tool is suitable for heavy-duty applications such as servicing automobiles or for assembly and disassembly of machinery and equipment.

* Note:  A tool storage case is not included.