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900JF Series
JAWSFIT Tip Screwdrivers

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New JAWSFIT Tip Design:
The 900JF and 930JF series feature a new JAWSFIT cross-point tip design. Small projections on the blade edges allow the tip of the screwdriver to "BITE" firmly into the screw head, reduce pressing force, prevent driver tip damage, and help prevent cam-out. Applications include construction, automotive, industrial use, general fastening, and more.

NOTE: The 900JF and 930JF JAWSFIT feature is not intended to be used when working with soft or plated screws, and may not be suitable for restoration work.

The "JF" JAWSFIT models are equipped with the most advanced triple-molded handle for comfort. The corners of the hexagonal cross-section are molded with elastomer for a soft fit and high torque transmission.

Other features include a fully hardened chrome vanadium steel shank for durability, magnetized high-precision black point tips, and a non-slip mesh handle surface for a secure grip in oily conditions.

These screwdrivers are designed for professional use such as automotive repair and maintenance, electrical, construction, industrial work, and general fastening applications. 

 Extra-Long Screwdrivers (900JF P2x400 and 900 6x400) with 16" (400mm) shanks feature a rotating grip to help stablize screwdriver
900 p2x400

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tipicon_p18900JF P1*75+1mm Cross-Point Tip, 75mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p29900JF P2*100+2mm Cross-Point Tip, 100mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p299900JF P2*150+2mm Cross-Point Tip, 150mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p28900JF P2*400+2mm Cross-Point Tip, 400mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p335900JF P3*150+3mm Cross-Point Tip, 150mm Shaft Length