9900series 9900swivelcap

9900 Series
Precision Micro Tip Screwdrivers with Swivel Cap

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The 9900 series precision screwdrivers are outfitted with high-precision tips for a secure and accurate fastener fit.

Other features include a fully hardened chrome vanadium steel shank and a handle that is fitted with a swivel cap for fast turning .

Ideal for fastening and unfastening of miniature precision screws for electronic equipment, delicate repair and assembly of watches, radios, eye glasses, plastic models, and so much more.

Also, the cross-point models are recommended when working with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and/or JCIS (Japanese Camera Industrial Standards) screws.

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tipicon_p0069900 P00*75+00mm Cross-Point Tip, 75mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p059900 P0*100+0mm Cross-Point Tip, 100mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p0599900 P0*150+0mm Cross-Point Tip, 150mm Shaft Length
tipicon_1869900 1.8*50-1.8mm Slotted Tip, 50mm Shaft Length
tipicon_259900 2.5*75-2.5mm Slotted Tip, 75mm Shaft Length
tipicon_369900 3*100-3mm Slotted Tip, 100mm Shaft Length
tipicon_3659900 3*150-3mm Slotted Tip, 150mm Shaft Length