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4-PC, Insulated Ball Grip Screwdriver Set (JIS)

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Base price $42.98
4-PC, Insulated Ball Grip Screwdriver Set (JIS)


225 Series Ball Grip Screwdrivers

The 225 Series features a resin coated shank that prevents electrical short circuits when working on "live" equipment.

The ergonomically designed "Ball Grip" handles fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. This will ensure the operator maximum torque while tightening. The shank is covered with resin for excellent safety.

These screwdrivers feature a cushion grip that is color-coded by + / - for easy identification , a fully hardened chrome vanadium steel shank, high-precision black point, magnetized tips, and a solid built body for extra fastening power.

225 Series Warning

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