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Telecom Kit

Telecom Kit

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Base price $185.05
Basic Professional 8pc Tool Kit

This tool kit is outfitted with superior Japanese brand tools (VESSEL & 3Peaks).

The included cross-point screwdrivers have a gel-grip and fit JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and standard screw heads perfectly. This ensures a correct fit for fastening and helps prevent cam-outs.

jis_compatibleThese screwdrivers fit JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screw heads

altThese screwdrivers have Magnetic Tips

Kit includes:

  • #P1 x 3"¬†Gel-Grip Cross Point Screwdriver
  • #P2 x 4" Gel-Grip Cross Point Screwdriver
  • #P1 x 0.6" Gel-Grip Cross Point Stubby Screwdriver
  • #P2 x 0.6" Gel-Grip Cross Point Stubby Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripper (24/22/20/18/16/14/12 AWG)
  • 7.3" OAL High-Leverage Cutting Pliers
  • 7.7" OAL Lineman's Cutting Pliers
  • 6.4" OAL Telephone Long Nose Pliers

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