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Precision Wire Stripper / Cutter (24-12 AWG) with M3 & M4 Thread Cutter

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Retail price $39.86
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3500e3 bladedetailNo damage on wires even if the blades are firmly closed!
Truly round circle by highly precise grinding with CNB grindstones. The bore diameters are designed to be appropriate so that the blade edges don't contact the wires (UL standard or Japanese wires).

This spring-loaded self-opening wire stripper is outfitted with a diamond polished blade for precision stripping of 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12 AWG size wire. The built-in thread cutter can easily shorten the length of small screws and bolts.

It includes a built-in wire cutter, looping holes to bend wire ends around screw terminals, and a serrated nose to help pull, bend, and shape wire. Also, the handle grip has a convenient conversion table (AWG, solid/mm, standard/mm2) for quick and easy reference.

Other features include a safety lock to keep the strip blades closed, a lightweight and compact body, and a comfortable cushion grip.