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jisdrive logoIn 1950, Osawa Shokai Co., Ltd. was the first company in Japan to obtain a license for Phillips screws, and VESSEL was commissioned to produce their Phillips screwdrivers. VESSEL was involved in the establishment of the JIS as a representative of tool manufacturers, and this tip was called JIS B-1012. These JIS screwdrivers are now used in audio players, automobiles, motorcycles, and other industrial products in Japan and around the world.

VESSEL's original "cross-point tips" produced over many years of highly-experienced manufacturing are called JISDRIVE.

What is JIS DRIVE?

  • JIS means Japanese Industrial Standards.
  • This standard is applied for Japanese Standards screws, and is mainly used in Japanese-made cars, motorcycles, home appliances, etc.
  • The tips of VESSEL screwdrivers and bits are manufactured in accordance with JIS.
  • In addition, VESSEL has developed its own in-house standards to achieve even higher precision and quality tips.
What is JIS Drive


As shown in the picture, VESSEL JISDRIVE was developed with the concept that the 4 sides of the tip (shown as blue) should fit the screw evenly, allowing you to turn screws with confidence.

As a result, VESSEL tips can fit any standard screws and transmit force without loss.

Why JIS Drive for All Screws?

The Key Point!

Point A (the blue area in the picture) is the common dimension in all standards, in JIS, ASME, ANSI and DIN. In addition to that, in screw manufacturing, Point A is known as the most stable and accurate point of contact with the fewest deformation points.

VESSEL JISDRIVE is designed to fit all screws around the world by closely matching the blue part (all 4 sides of the tip) with point A of screws.

JIS Drive Key Points

Competitive Advantages!

Company A:
The tip contacts at the bottom of screw hole, and the driver becomes wobbly.

Company B:
The tip contacts near the entrance of the screw hole. It appears to fit well, but it actually doesn't. This can damage the screw hole.

The tip fits extremely well, and there is a space between the tip and screw. Therefore, the blue part (all 4 sides of the tip) fits the screw evenly, allowing you to turn screws with confidence.

NOTE: Both Company A and Company B may not fit depending on the standard or screws, and could cause breakage or cam-out.

Advantages of JIS Drive

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