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VESSEL Double-Action Air Scissor Body, Surface Mount Square Type (36x36mm)

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Key Features:

  • Ideal for mounting on automated high cycle cutting machinery
  • Springless design offers very low maintenance
  • Cutting capacity up to ᴓ1.8mm copper and ᴓ1.2mm steel
  • Dual-moving HW10J pneumatic scissor blade sold separately
  • Compact and lightweight 36x36mm square aluminum body
  • One-touch quick connection 6mm air tube fittings
  • Mounting holes on two side surfaces
  • Weight: 356g (0.78lbs)

VESSEL’s GT-HWS10 double-action square air scissor body is ideal for mounting in automated cutting stations which have a high cutting cycle. The blade opening and closing is driven by an air piston so there is no piston return spring or blade spring needed. This springless design offers low maintenance and helps prevent down time.

The optional HW10J air scissor blade is sold separately.