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VESSEL Handheld Air Nipper Body with Safety Lever, Size 20

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Key Features:

  • Helps reduce operator fatigue for repetitive work
  • A wide selection of premium cutting and crimping blades sold separately
  • Cutting capacity up to ᴓ7mm soft plastic or ᴓ2mm steel 
  • Outfitted with a CE compliant safety lever throttle
  • Knurled housing for a secure and comfortable grip
  • Convenient air shut-off-valve included
  • Optional P-20 air pressure booster available
  • Comfortable ᴓ45mm (1.77") aluminum body
  • Single-acting model with return spring
  • Weight: 375g

VESSEL’s world-class GT-N20/SL handheld air nippers are ideal to help reduce operator fatigue and are a good alternative to manual cutting pliers for repetitive work.

A wide selection of premium N20-series blades are available for various applications such as: gate-cutting plastic parts, cutting metal or wire, crimping wire onto terminal connectors, scissor cutting fibers or textiles, hole-punching, die-cutting, etc. 

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