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VESSEL Heated Air Nipper Blade for Plastic, Straight, Long, Size 30

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Base price $308.00
VESSEL Heated Air Nipper Blade for Plastic, Straight, Long, Size 30

Heater cartridges sold separately

The HEAT/N30AJL long straight air nipper blade is useful when there is distance between the air nipper body and the plastic gate that needs to be cut. It offers a wider blade opening and cuts perpendicular against the injection molded plastic part. This blade is heat-ready and accepts a 1/8” x 1.25” long heating element/thermocouple from JDV’s optional heating packages. Using a heated blade is ideal for cutting tough materials at room temperature such as glass or nylon filled plastic, acrylics, and other hard plastics. It helps prevent chipping, stress cracks, or part discoloration and leaves a smooth clean-cut finish.

  • Heat-ready for JDV's HC-Series optional heating package
  • Forged out of the finest Japanese steel for durability and reliability
  • Ultra-sharp cutting edges provide a precise clean-cut finish
  • Equipped with factory set built-in stops in the legs of blade
  • Blades open and close by a spring mechanism
  • Custom blades available (contact JDV for details)
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