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Inductive Sensor Mount for Round Air Nippers, Size 20

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Inductive Sensor Mount for Round Air Nippers, Size 20


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Key Features:

  • Allows for mounting of two inductive sensors to positively detect both the open and closed states of the blade.
  • Toolless attachment to vessel round 20 sized nipper bodies (GT-NR20)
  • Dual Sensors allow for the detection of failed tools and failed cuts
  • Available in PNP and NPN configurations (ISM-NR20-NPN and ISM-NR20-PNP)
  • Integrated cable guides help to prevent stress on the sensor cables
  • Low profile helps to fit in existing applications
  • Adds only 4mm radially and extends 20mm from the top of the nipper
  • Multifrequency configurations available for applications with multiple ISM equipped bodies
    Sensor Mount Includes:
  • (ISM) Inductive Sensor Mount
  • Blade Pin with Hex Nut
  • Sensor Mount Screws

Sensors sold separately

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