VESSEL Handheld Air Scissor w/Safety Lever and H30ME Scissor Blade

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Key Features:

  • Cutting capacity up to 1mm thick Kevlar® material
  • Ultra-hardened high speed steel H30ME scissor blade w/50mm cut length
  • Dual-moving cutting blades with serrated “micro-edge”
  • Optional elongated blade H30MEL available
  • Rugged aluminum body with CE compliant safety lever throttle
  • End-cap can be rotated 180⁰ for versatility
  • Single acting and spring return
  • Includes shut-off valve
  • Weight: 1,030g (2.27lbs)

VESSEL’s GT-H30/ME air scissor set is designed to cut difficult applications such as Kevlar®, Zylon®, and fiber glass fabrics without fraying and tearing. Also, this reliable pneumatic scissor can cut other materials including rubber and plastic sheets, double sided tape, and fiber optic materials.

This set consists of VESSEL’s GT-H30 handheld air nipper body and H30ME air scissor blade. The sharp cutting blade is made of ultra-hardened high speed steel for maximum durability and wear resistance. The air shear blade is designed with a serrated “micro-edge” to help grip the material for an accurate clean cut.

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