VESSEL Sliding Air Nipper w/Linear Bracket, 10mm Stroke (PUSH), Size 20

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Key Features:

  • Suitable for plastic gate-cutting stations or EOAT fixtures
  • Ideal for cutting large diameter plastic gates
  • Smooth and continuous slide bracket movement
  • “Push” type slide for accurate gate-cutting positioning (“Push” type available)
  • Adjustable slide bracket stroke length up to 10mm
  • A wide selection of premium cutting blades sold separately
  • Cutting capacity up to ᴓ7mm soft plastic or ᴓ2.0mm steel
  • Mounting holes on bottom of linear slide bracket
  • Weight: 795g (1.75lbs)

VESSEL’s GT-NB20LW-10SM is equipped with the rugged GT-NS20 square air nipper body mounted to the LW-10TM pull-type linear sliding bracket for precise gate-cutting positioning. The LW-10TM sliding bracket is designed with an opposing "V" slide track with adjustable gibbs for ultimate accuracy, speed, and consistency. The “Pull” or forward model #GT-NB20LW-10TM is also available.