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VESSEL Vertical Sliding Air Nipper Body (PULL), Size 20

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Key Features:

  • Compact, low-profile, and lightweight design
  • Ideal for mounting on end of arm tooling or gate-cutting equipment
  • “Pull” type slide for precise gate-cutting positioning (“Push” type available)
  • A wide selection of various types of cutting blades sold separately
  • Adjustable slide bracket stroke up to 3mm
  • Built-in blade opening adjustment and lock
  • Various body sizes available GT-NT03 / NT05 / NT10 / NT20
  • Mounting holes on bottom of slide bracket
  • One-touch quick connection 6mm air tube fitting
  • Single action with spring return
  • Weight: 930g

The VESSEL GT-NT20-6 is an outstanding vertical-type sliding air nipper designed for mounting on end of arm tooling (EOAT) or on automated gate-cutting equipment due to its compact, low-profile, and lightweight body. It features an adjustable “Pull” type slide bracket for precise positioning against the gate to achieve a clean flush cut finish. Also, the blade can be installed either with the cutting edge on the outside or inside and the blade opening can be adjusted for fine tuning.

This nipper is also available as a “Push” type (model #GT-NT20R-6).

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