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JDV Thrust Cut / Guillotine Type Fan Gate Nipper with 3" Wide Blade (RIGHT)

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Key Features:

  • Thrust-cut / guillotine style with heat-ready cutting blade 
  • No more using expensive, long nipper blades to cut fan gates
  • Prevents fractures and discoloring of parts
  • Longer blade life than traditional air nippers
  • Very cost effective... replacement blade is very inexpensive
  • Optional HC-series heating package can be added for future applications

JDV's TC-63R right-handed thrust cut air nipper is ideal for cutting up to 3" wide fan gates and is designed to withstand the demands of high volume production environments.  JDV's optional HC-series heat package helps cut through hard plastic material without any stress cracks, chipping, or discoloration.  (Left-hand model available #TC-63L).

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