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TCP-32R Right-Hand Thrust Cut Nipper with Pressure Booster

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TCP-32R Right-Hand Thrust Cut Nipper with Pressure Booster


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Key Features:

  • Thrust-cut type cutting blade (guillotine style)
  • Ideal for removing small size tab or fan gates (edge gates)
  • Heat-ready Teflon® coated 0.75” (19mm) wide cutting blade
  • Optional JDV heating packages available (HC-20-32 series)
  • High-speed steel blade for improved durability
  • Reversible blade and anvil convert into left-hand or right-hand model
  • Includes a flow control valve for blade speed adjustment
  • Mounting holes on side of main bracket for easy installation
  • Additional mounting clamp available (#MC-TC32)
  • End-cap can be rotated 180⁰ to change air inlet port location
  • Optional air booster set for more cutting force available (#P-32)
  • Single-acting with return spring

The compact and lightweight TCP-32R left-hand thrust cut air nipper with pressure booster is suitable for end or arm tooling (EOAT) or automated cutting fixture stations and is designed to remove small size tab or fan gates up to 0.75” (19mm) wide. The sharp bottom cutting blade moves upward into the fixed anvil, and is designed to cut along the length of the edge gate leaving a smooth clean-cut finish. Larger size thrust-cut air nipper models TC-40 and TC-63 series are also available.

For hard to cut plastics such as acrylic or glass-filled materials, it may be best to use a heated blade to help prevent chipping, stress cracks, or part discoloration. The TCP-32R comes standard with a “heat-ready” cutting blade for installing a 1/4ᴓ x 1.0” long heater cartridge with thermocouple from JDV’s optional HC-20-32 series heating packages. Contact JDV for more details.

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