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AD-2 100N
Pistol Grip Air Blow Off Gun with Long 4” Nozzle

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Base price $19.77
Pistol Grip Air Blow Off Gun with Long 4” Nozzle


Key Features:

  • Extended multi-finger throttle for less fatigue
  • Ergonomic easy-grip non-slip handle for efficient operation 
  • Lightweight polyacetal resin body helps resist oil, wear, shock, and heat. 
  • Large built-in holder for easy hanging and storage
  • Convenient 4” long air nozzle for hard to reach areas

VESSEL's model AD-2 100N air blow gun (or air duster) is ideal for cleaning and drying a part surface by blowing off various debris such as dust, machined metal chips, water/moisture, oil, or wood particles. Applications include dust removal and drying of sheet metal, coated materials, automotive parts, molds, and metal/wood working.

For any static issues, VESSEL offers air-powered ion guns for removing static electricity while blowing off contaminants from a part surface.



Nozzle Inner

Nozzle Length

Air Pressure


Air Hose Inner



AD-2 100N 0.082 4.00 140.69  4.77 0.15 5.70 0.4000

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