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Base price $1,118.40
3/8" Drive Corner Air Impact Wrench, Single Hammer, Lever-Start, 73.8 lb/ft Torque, 3/8" Max Bolt Capacity, 7000 RPM

The GT-C900 is a powerful 3/8” square drive corner-type (90-degree) air impact wrench.  It’s ideal for various types of vehicle or industrial machinery fastening applications.  This unique model has a super-lightweight and compact body, very low recoil for safety, and enough high-power to even remove rusted nuts and bolts with ease.  It has a torque range of 36.2-73.8 lb/ft (max torque 97.2 lb/ft), a max bolt capacity of 3/8”, and equipped with a reliable single-hammer mechanism for strong and stable torque fastening.  Other specifications include:  7000 RPM, anvil retainer ring, adjustable lever-start, 4-adjust dial, 87psi air pressure, 1/4” air hose inner diameter, a 360-degree free-turn silencer / rear exhaust, 10.1” overall length, and weighs 42.0 lbs.

Part Number GT-C900
Drive Size 3/8" (9.5mm)
Anvil / Retainer Type Thru-Hole with Retainer Ring
Impact Type Single Hammer
Handle Type Corner Type with Lever-Start
Bolt Capacity Dia. 3/8" (10.0mm)
Torque Range 36.2~73.8 lb/ft (49~100 Nm)
Maximum Torque 97.19 lb/ft (131.7 Nm)
Torque Adjustment 4-Stage Adjust Dial
No Load Speed 7000 RPM
Required Air Pressure 87psi (0.6 Mpa)
Air Consumption 8.8 CFM (0.25 m3/min)
Hose Coupling Rc 1/4
Air Hose Inner Dia. 1/4" (6.35mm)
Exhaust Front
Overall Length 10.1" (257.0mm)
Weight 4.2 lbs (1.9kg)
Country of Origin Japan

Accessories and hanger parts not included in overall length and weights.
Capacity is listed as instant reference and depends on operation conditions. 

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