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PR157 - Powerful Industrial Ion Gun

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As the Exclusive North American Distributor for VESSEL Company in Japan, JDV Products Inc. is proud to introduce VESSEL’s New Powerful Industrial Ion Gun with LED Light Beam (Model# BBZ-E).


The rugged industrial ion gun is designed to neutralize and eliminate dust while effectively cleaning the surface on large plastic-made products while working in an upright position.


The BBZ-E provides a very accurate ion balance (within +/-10V) at a higher air pressure (58-87psi), which results in effective cleaning for blowing contaminants off a large surface area.  Using a powerful airflow at 87psi, it can rapidly neutralize an area at a 12” distance in less than 0.7 seconds (or 6” distance in less than 0.5 seconds)!


Unlike other models, the BBZ-E is outfitted with an integrated LED light beam for visual dust confirmation and does not have an external transformer.  Instead, it’s composed of a safe high-frequency piezoelectric transformer that’s built into the handle.  This compact design saves valuable workspace and makes it easier to move from one location to another.


The nozzle angle is ergonomically crafted to help alleviate any burden on the operator’s wrist while pointing to the targeted area for dust removal.  It has a non-slip grip (even for clean room gloves), is very compact, and ultra lightweight (only 0.44 lbs). Both sides of the grip have a “green” operating LED and a “red” high-voltage LED, which enables both left and right-handed users to check the operational state at a glance.


Also, the unique Silent Straight Nozzle is very quiet (only 77.3 dBA at 43.5psi) and helps reduce “wind-roar” noise levels in factories.  The low noise characteristics have almost no effect on other electronic devices.


The “screw-type” nozzle construction allows for easy maintenance.  The Tungsten electrode needle (#G-7H) can quickly be cleaned or replaced by using the optional removal tool (#G-7DR).  Various attachments are available for better work efficiency such as brushes, an air tube adapter, and a “silent” or flared-shape nozzle.


Other features include a durable 16.4’ power cable for working in a large area, a vibration-resistant screw-in connector between the power cable and the body for improved durability, a safe low voltage 24V DC power supply, holds the CE marking, and complies with RoHS standards.



To find out more information about the VESSEL "BBZ-E" Industrial Ion Gun with LED Light-Beam, please contact:

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