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PR159 - Clean Walker EASY Sticky Mat

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When it comes to using conventional “peel-off” type tacky mats, are you truly satisfied with how well it cleans, how much garbage it accumulates, and if it’s eco-friendly?  More importantly, how about the high running costs?

As a solution, we are proud to introduce VESSEL’s New “Clean-Walker-EASY” Reusable Sticky Mat (Model# CW-900EZ).

Unlike most conventional peel-off tacky mats, the “Clean Walker Easy” is constructed of a gel-like polyurethane material and its strong adhesive power effectively removes contaminants from the bottom of shoes and wheels.  Its elastic surface picks up dust and dirt particles in hard to reach areas such as in the tiny grooves on the bottom of shoes and on the outer edges of wheels from trolleys and carts.

Install at the entrance of clean rooms, in air shower booths, for cleaning trolley wheels, etc.  Ideal in facilities manufacturing semiconductors, electronics, precision devices, foodstuffs, packaging materials, in printing or painting plants, in pharmaceutical and medical facilities, etc.

The CW-900EZ is composed of a three-layer structure with a non-woven fabric core, which results in high durability to prevent tears under the pressure of trollies and carts being rolled over the mat.   Also, the low-profile 1/8” (3mm) thickness will not obstruct doors when opening and closing.  The front and backside of the mat are both adhesive so you can install on either side and flip the mat over when one surface gets dirty.

This Eco-Friendly product is truly reusable.  It’s an efficient and cost-effective solution when compared to the conventional disposable “peel-off” sticky mats that require a yearly running cost. The Clean Walker can last up to three years and potentially pay for itself over a short period of time.

The VESSEL Clean Walker easily cleans with water!  When the mat becomes dirty, simply clean off the surface with tap water using a mop, a squeegee, or a damp cloth.  Also, the mat is designed into two separate tiles which makes it easy for an operator to pick the mat off the floor, bring it to a sink for washing, and it can be hung to dry using the built-in “hook-holes”.  The adhesive power returns once the mat is fully dried. The CW-900EZ comes with two individual tiles covering a total area of 19.7"W x 35.4"L, is 1/8” thick, weighs approximately 3.5 lbs, and is RoHS compliant.

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