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PR160 - "Butterfly Louver" Slim Fan Ionizer

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Conventional fan-type ionizers are used in many industries for several different types of applications.  For instance, electronic part manufacturing and assembly plants use fan-type ionizers for preventing electronic components from being damaged caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD).  In this situation, a fan-type ionizer is placed on the workbench for static removal over a wide range at a close distance.  Also, since “space” is limited on a workbench, using compact designed equipment is preferred.

Moreover, resin forming factories and printing plants use fan-type ionizers for preventing dust adherence on the surface of parts that is caused by static electricity.  An ionizer is installed into the system for static erasing from a remote location, which may require neutralizing the air in a straight pattern so that it reaches a further distance.

In either case, the area coverage that is needed for static erasing is different.

As a solution, JDV Products Inc. is proud to announce the release of VESSEL’s New “Butterfly Louver” Ultra-Slim Fan-Type Ionizer (Model# F120-E).
Unlike most conventional fan-type ionizers, the F120-E has a unique adjustable front panel that can disperse the airflow in a “wide” or a “straight” pattern for a close or remote distance.  This versatile design is suitable for a wide range of static removal applications such as for a bag making machine, a high-speed automated line for substrate manufacturing, for liquid crystal film cutting equipment, over a forming machine conveyor, for a soldering or film attachment, and in electronic device component stock area.

The F120-E has a very fast decay time within 1.3 seconds at a 12” distance (straight louver/ max airflow setting).  It’s equipped with an AC corona discharge method for an accurate ion balance within +/-10V, a reliable high-frequency piezoelectric transformer for minimizing ion loss, and is outfitted with an adjustable three-speed fan which is powerful and capable of blowing ionized air to remote locations.

In addition, it’s crafted with a super slim and compact body (7.8”H x 6.4”W x 2.7”D with stand) and is very lightweight (only 1.98 lbs) so it saves valuable workbench space and makes it convenient for easy installation.

On the front of the unit, there is a clear operator LED display panel.  A  “green” LED indicates good operating condition and a “red” LED represents a high-voltage or a fan lock-up warning.  Also, since there is a unique built-in terminal connector, the high voltage warning signals can be sent to external equipment and it enables up to two units to be daisy-chained together using one power source.

Easy access to the internal components simplifies maintenance. The front cover can be quickly removed and there is a safety device that shuts off the circuit and fan when the front cover is open.  There are no tools required for removing the stainless steel electrode needle discharge unit.  It’s installed into the front panel so its easily accessible for removing or cleaning it.

Other features include a safe low voltage 24V DC power supply, a swivel stand that can be bench or wall-mounted, the CE marking, and it is RoHS compliant.

To find out more information about the VESSEL New "Butterfly Louver" Fan-Type ionizer (Model# F120-E), please contact:

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