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PR161 - Motorcycle Repair Kit

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motorcycle kit

STOP damaging and throwing away screws!

If you’re camming out and damaging screws using a Phillips® tip screwdriver, then chances are it may not be a Phillips® screw. It may be a “JIS” (Japanese Industrial Standard) screw so you’ll need a Japanese cross-point screwdriver for the job.

This VESSEL 8-pc Japanese screwdriver set "Starter Kit" (#A-16510) ensures the correct fit while fastening JIS screws, and helps prevent cam-outs while repairing or restoring Japanese motorcycles.

It’s outfitted with “Megadora” style triple-molded cushion grip handles for comfort. The premium cross-point tips fit "JIS" and can also be used in other cross-point screws. Tip sizes include #P1, #P2, #P3, slotted #8 and #5.5, stubby #P2 and #6, and a #P3 “Impacta” screwdriver, which has a built-in impact driven screw removal function.

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