PR152 - Standard Pneumatic CSW Bits

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SP79243Are you using a separate cut and strip tool to prep your wire before making a wire wrap connection?  Wouldn’t it be ideal to have one tool that would cut, strip, and wrap the wire all in one easy operation? 

The SP 79243 is designed for 24 AWG applications with 0.036”-0.040” wire diameters, 0.07” terminal hole diameters, and 0.16” minimum terminal spacing. 

With the SP 79243, the operator can save valuable time by doing three operations with one tool.  It cuts the insulated copper wire to length, strips free the necessary length of the insulation, and wraps the correct number of wire loops around the terminal pin all in one easy operation.

With this unique design, there’s no need to prep the wire with a separate cut and strip tool.  The operator simply inserts the insulated wire into the wire hole on the wrap bit, places the tool over the terminal pin to be wrapped, actuates the wrap tool to simultaneously cut, strip, and wrap the 24 AWG wire around the terminal pin. 

Also, the cutting and stripping blades are hardened to ensure long life and can be used for either right or left-handed operation.

The SP 79243 can be used with standard type electric, battery, and pneumatic powered wire wrapping tools but not recommended with ABF (anti-back force) style tools.  

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