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BALL GRIP Ratchet Screwdriver 5PC. Set

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Sales price without tax $85.50
Base price $124.99
BALL GRIP Ratchet Screwdriver 5PC. Set



2200 Series Ball Grip Screwdrivers

The 2200 Series ratcheting ball-grip screwdriver is equipped with a smooth 36-tooth gear mechanism that provides high-speed tightening for a one hand operation.

These screwdrivers have a resin coated shank as a countermeasure for short-circuit accidents (see below). Also, the shanks are 4mm or smaller in diameter making it easier to reach screws in tight recessed areas.

This ratcheting “ball-grip” handle may not look like a conventional style screwdriver but there are many advantages to the palm-grip design. For instance, when gripping the ball-shape handle, an operator can apply their body weight behind each turn for excellent leverage while fastening which results in higher torque output. Also, the built-in cushion finger knurl allows for quick turning and fine tuning of small fasteners.

Applications: terminal blocks, electrical or telecom work, air conditioning, house renovations, or for general fastening needs.


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