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MEGADORA IMPACTA Assorted Screwdriver 8PC. Set


  •  MEGADORA IMPACTA Assorted Screwdriver 8pcs. Set : (+1x75/+2x100 IMPACTA/+2x150 IMPACTA/+2 Stubby/+3x150 IMPACTA/-5. 5x75/-6 Stubby/-8x150)

  • Tang-thru design incorporates a metal cap that prevents handle damage when striking with a hammer

  • Useful knurled blade for quick and slip less turning

  • Cr-v alloy steel shank specially Hardened

900 Series Megadora Screwdrivers

The MEGADORA models are equipped with the most advanced triple-molded handle for comfort. The corners of the hexagonal cross-section are molded with elastomer for a soft fit and high torque transmission.

Magnetic TipsThese screwdrivers have Magnetic Tips
Eco-Friendly - Manufactured with recycled materialsManufactured using recycled resources



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