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VESSEL Extra Pressure Booster for GT-NR30A & GT-NS30A
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GT-NR20A Nipper GT-NS20A Nipper    
Round Body Nipper
Square Body Nipper

Key Features:

  • Provides boost of air pressure in case of low air supply
  • Helps increase the VESSEL air nipper body’s cutting force
  • Cutting capacity up to ᴓ14mm soft plastic or ᴓ4.5mm steel
  • Cylinder: ᴓ56mm x 92mm
  • Weight: 266g

VESSEL’s model P-30A air pressure booster (or intensifier) can be used to attain the recommended air pressure for VESSEL air nippers in case a facility has low air pressure supply. It can also be used to increase the applied cutting force for standard VESSEL air nippers. Applicable models include: GT-NR20A, GT-NS30A.

These intensifiers are easy to install in between the air nipper housing and end cap. Simply remove the nipper end cap, screw the air booster onto the bottom of the nipper housing, and reattach the nipper end cap to the bottom of the air booster housing. When installing an air booster on a handheld air nipper, a longer safety lever throttle may be needed. The booster is to be used in case the originally required pressure is not obtainable by the limit of space and air pressure. Please contact JDV for more details.

Part No. For Use With Nippers OAL
Air Consumption
Air Pressure
  Cut Capacity (mm)
  Soft Plastic Hard Plastic Copper Steel
P-30A GT-NR30A  & GT-NS30A 92 56 744 Up to 72.5 266   14.0 8.0 5.5 4.5

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