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Base price $56.86
6-PC, Precision Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set (3ULR-M, 3ULR-F, 3ULR-0, 1IPR, T5, +00)

TD-56S Precision Screwdriver Set

The TD-56Y is a 6-piece precision jewelers screwdriver set that is outfitted with high-precision slotted and cross-point tip screwdrivers, a swivel cap for fast turning, and a color-coded cushion grip for easy tip identification and comfort.

  • Other features include a stainless steel main body and a convenient plastic storage case.

    Tip Sizes Included:
    3ULR-M, 3ULR-F, 3ULR-0, 1IPR, T5, +00

    Ideal for fastening and unfastening of miniature screws for electronic equipment, delicate repair and assembly of watches, radios, eye glasses, plastic models, and so much more.

    Also, the cross-point models are recommended when working with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and/or JCIS (Japanese Camera Industrial Standards) screws.


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